Caspian Business Management and Consulting LLC (CBMC) has been providing consulting and design services in the field of developing water supply systems, sanitation, treatment facilities in urban and rural areas both in Azerbaijan and abroad. We base our activities on many years of experience in the development of water supply and sanitation facilities, supervision of facilities under construction and the warranty, coordination of work of local and foreign specialists and construction cost control. Using the latest design technologies reduces the time needed to create a project, improves the quality of project documentation and significantly reduces the final cost of a structure. Certification of the quality system ISO 9001:2015 implemented in the company, shows other market entities that the quality system of the enterprise is organized in accordance with certain requirements and functions efficiently, ensuring a stable and high quality of the company's products/services. The projects involve both experts with more than 30 years of experience and young designers with fresh views on working methods. Projects are implemented taking into account both local and international standards. Thus, we guarantee a professional team of engineers, excellent technical support and the use of the latest technologies. Possession of a license issued in accordance with technical standards and rules for the detailed design, construction and supervision of 1st and 2nd class buildings, municipal and private urban infrastructures confirms CBMC's capabilities and technological competitiveness. The company’s design license is valid in Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Georgia. The basic principles of our work - attention to every detail and emphasis on long-term cooperation, as well as the introduction of advanced and profitable customer solutions contribute to the creation of reliable and maximally calculated projects. For our part, we guarantee high quality workmanship and offer only the best, as we value each of our customers.